Twenty Five New Bells to be installed in the Bournville Carillon

August 25th, 2015

The actual bell donated by the Bournville Village Council with its inscription.

The World famous Bournville Carillon erected in 1906 has a total of 48 bells housed under the domed copper cupola above the tower of the junior school in Bournville. Twenty five of those bells are to be shortly replaced.

Funding has come from a variety of sources with generous individuals and various organisations choosing to donate the full cost of a single bell. The Bournville Village Council are proud to have made such a donation.

Councillor Rob Sealey, a member of the Bournville Village Council, can be seen viewing the bells before they are all installed over the following week.

The new bells will greatly improve the sound quality of the Carillon and have been described as ‘beautiful and sweet’ by famed carillonneur Trevor Workman who has overseen this upgrade project.

Once the new bells are installed they can then be heard most Sunday afternoons being played by Trevor Workman.

Bournville’s 2015 ‘Jazz on the Green’ was a huge success

July 12th, 2015

Jazz on the Green

This year’s free ‘Jazz on the Green’ was a huge success on Saturday afternoon, with a large appreciative audience enjoying the music.

The Birmingham Jazz and Blues Festival is back!

July 7th, 2015

Jazz on the Green

This year’s free ‘Jazz on the Green’ Festival, kicks off at 4pm on the 11th July on the Bournville Green.

Organised by the Bournville Village Council it forms part of Birmingham’s city wide 31st International Jazz Festival. You can expect a relaxed atmosphere, a good crowd and some wonderful musicians.

Picnics, blankets and chairs will add to the atmosphere and comfort.

Previous concert

For more information on all the events taking place during the Jazz Blues Festival, take a look at the programme below.

It promises to be a wonderful Bournville music evening.

Lloyds Bank on the Bournville Green shuts its doors for the last time

May 23rd, 2015

At 2pm on Thursday 22nd May the Lloyds Bank on the Bournville Green closed its doors for the last time.

The last customer?

After almost 100 years Bournville loses its only bank. As the hour came the staff stood at the doors to bid a warm farewell to their last ever customer.
In those last few minutes it seemed that many customers had arrived hoping to have that last sad honour.

Lloyds Bank on the Green.

Thankfully all staff, we are told, are to be relocated to other branches.

As the doors shut for the final time, questions began to be asked about the future of this building. No doubt it will one day open its doors again but under what guise? Offices are always a possibility. Many believe it could become a restaurant although the Bourvnille Village Council do hope that if that is to be its future then it will respect Bournville’s no alcohol tradition.

Staff pose for pictures.

The doors finally close.

British Red Cross lace up Red Shoe’s at Selly Manor

May 19th, 2015

A team of British Red cross volunteers and staff invite you to join them as they lace up their red shoes for a 2k walk through Beautiful Bournville at 6:30pm on Wednesday 15th July.

Setting off from Bournville Village Green at 6:30pm Wednesday 15th July 2015 a team of British Red Cross and volunteers will be walking a 2k route taking in the scenery of Selly Manor and raising funds for the British Red Cross.

The walk, organised by the British Red Cross Birmingham Event First Aid team aims to raise money and awareness for the British Red Cross, whilst providing a fun and relaxed environment for all participants.

Organiser Geraldine Shaw said; “Volunteers, staff, family, friends and members of the public are invited to join in the fun on this lovely summer evening!” To join in the walk please visit http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/team/SWWMRedShoeWalk Suggested registration fee is £10 or free if you raise £25 in sponsorship.

Taylor Morris has been selected as the Bournville Festival Queen for 2015

April 30th, 2015

On Wednesday night at Dame Elizabeth Hall, Taylor Morris, standing centre in the picture, was selected as this year’s Bournville Festival Queen.

15 year old Taylor, was selected by a panel of independent judges; Jess Allan – Community Development Manager for BVT, together with James Allan, Birmingham Primary School Head Teacher.

Taylor is seen being congratulated, on the night, both by Bill Rice, Chairman of the Bournville Village Council, organisers of the annual Bournville Village Festival, and Miss Libby Handford, last year’s popular Festival Queen.

Come and see Taylor officially crowned as Festival Queen at the Bournville Village Festival on Saturday 27th June. Taylor will also have the great honour in December of turning on the famous Bournville Christmas Tree lights.

Taylor has been in the maypole working her way through the positions from trainbearer to gypsies.

She attends Bournville Senior School and when she leaves school she hopes to go to university and achieve her ambition to become a Primary School Teacher.

Her hobbies are trampoline and ice skating.

She enjoys organising charity events from her home address for Children in Need and MacMillan Nurses.

Congratulations, once again to Taylor Morris. Everyone in Bournville hopes you will have a thoroughly enjoyable year being our Bournville Festival Queen.

The chocolate 5k race for St Mary’s Hospice
25th April 2015

April 13th, 2015


If you’re looking for a challenge with a difference then join St Mary’s Hospice for Birmingham’s tastiest event – The Chocolate Run.

From Rowheath Pavilion, participants will approach chocolate stations along the 5k course offering a variety of chocolate treats and plenty of water to keep you hydrated.

On finishing the course, runners will receive a chocolate medal and gain free entry into the post-run chocolate buffet which is sure to leave you feeling sweet.

Runners can sign-in on the day of the event from 9.30am and start the chase for chocolate from 11.00am.

Refreshments and toilet facilities will be available at the start/ finish point of the chocolate run.

All finishers will receive a commemorative gift and the opportunity to purchase some refreshments.

All participants must pre-register.

Adults – £10.00 per person
Children – £5.00 per person

(under 5’s – FREE)

More details at http://www.birminghamhospice.org.uk/Event/the-chocolate-5k

Lloyds Bank on the Bournville Green to close

February 27th, 2015

Bournville residents will be shocked and disappointed to learn that Lloyds Bank is to close its Bournville Green branch, at 29 Sycamore Road, on the 22nd May this year.

No reasons have been given only a poster in the branch announcing the imminent closure along with the details of the nearest alternative Lloyds Bank.
The most likely explanation is a cost cutting exercise brought about by a change in banking habits as well as the severe banking crisis five years ago. However, customers will be surprised at the news as the inside of the branch has recently undergone an attractive facelift.

It could also be considered insensitive that the closure should be announced on the same day as Lloyds Bank, to huge fanfare in the media, announces the resumption of dividend payments to its shareholders after declaring a £1.8 billion profit.
The bank has been trading from the Bournville Green since the shopping area was first built at the beginning of the 20th century. The bank has attractive stain glass windows decorated with the words Lloyds Bank Limited.

Thousands remember
the First World War Christmas Truce at this year’s
‘Carols on the Green’ service.

December 25th, 2014

One of the largest crowds ever seen on the Bournville Green gathered together on Christmas Eve for this year’s ‘Carols on the Green’ service.

Estimates of between 4,000 and 5,000 people, led by The Reverend Peter Babington, celebrated the imminent arrival of Christmas by singing a selection of traditional carols and listening to readings taken from the bible.
A poignant moment gripped the large crowd when the The memory of the First World War Christmas Truce was evoked with the playing of the Christmas carol, Silent Night, by Trevor Workman on the Bournville Carillon, as part of a world wide concert to celebrate the Christmas truce between German and British Soldiers in 1914.

Christmas Eve; the Bournville Carillon will celebrate the World War 1 Christmas truce.

December 18th, 2014

At the famous Bournville Green ‘Carols on the Green’ service on Christmas Eve, the Bournville Carillon will play the haunting Christmas carol Silent Night as part of a world wide concert to celebrate the Christmas truce between German and British Soldiers in 1914.

The carol was sung jointly in three different languages by German and Allied soldiers during the break in fighting on Christmas Eve in 1914.

Beginning on 24 December in Belgium, the centennial commemoration will start with a performance on the Peace Carillon in Messines – the city which was at the heart of the truce.

So far, Carillonneurs from all over the world are expected to participate in the event which will mark the centenary of the ceasefire, which continued through to Christmas Day.

The performance from Bournville’s Carillon, which is made up of 48 bells, will coincide with the annual ‘Carols on the Green’ service, organised by local churches in conjunction with Bournville Village Council.

The Bournville Carillon.
Click on the image to visit
the Bournville Carillon Facebook page.

Trevor Workman, Carillonneur to Bournville Village Trust, said: “The Christmas Truce of 1914 was an amazing event in history and has been said by historians to have been ‘the most extraordinary celebration of Christmas since the birth of Christ in Bethlehem 2014 years ago.’

“It is a great privilege to be able to participate in this worldwide commemoration as a tribute to those who lost their lives in World War 1.

“It is most fitting that the occasion of our annual ‘Carols on the Green’ should be the platform for this tribute as the vast international crowd will also be able to identify with the commemoration.”

The Bournville Carillon will aim to perform ‘Silent Night’ as close to 6.15pm as possible to coincide with the actual timing of the Christmas truce in 1914.

The Christmas truce was a series of unofficial ceasefires along the Western Front which saw German and British soldiers cross trenches to exchange seasonal greetings.

Troops from both sides entered no man’s land on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to share food and drink, show one another photographs of their families and play football.
(Text of article courtesy of the Bournville Village Trust)