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We are constantly looking for a helping hand with events, activities, fundraisers and other things we get up to in the local area. It doesn’t matter where you live, if you’d like to help us we will welcome you with open arms!

Volunteer with us

Bournville Village Council is run by volunteers, none of the members are paid. As such every single one of the events BVC put on throughout the year are also run by volunteers and we really can’t do it without additional help. If you would like to volunteer your time but not become a member of the council then you’re completely welcome to. Please use the form linked below to register your interest in becoming a volunteer

Register your interest!

Make a donation

Throughout the year we often raise money for local charities or items of interest in Bournville. Our most recent fundraising push was for a defibrillator to be installed in Dame Elizabeth Hall for the hall users, as many are elderly.

Without your donations we could not have done this. If you’d like to donate to our most recent cause please get in touch with us via email at:

Sponsor an event

As you can imagine, running events takes time and it costs a lot of money. For us to keep putting on local events, we really could do with your help. Be it by sponsoring an event we put on with your hard earned cash, or by sponsoring us with your services. We really do appreciate it.

Check out what some of our sponsors say below and if you think you can help us please get in touch with us via email at: