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“Based in Bournville” is our new online directory for businesses which are based locally, here in Bournville, made to help support the community.
Independent and small businesses have taken a huge hit over the past year and we want to be able to give back to the community by doing what we do best, signposting. So with this in mind “Based In Bournville” will be running free of charge and be managed and run by Bournville Village Council volunteers in their free time.

This part of our website will enable you to find out about people running their business from our lovely little village in order to to support them not only through purchases but by simply being able to follow their presence online and keep up to date with what their doing easily, not just during christmas but throughout the year.

Little Artisan Marketeer

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Identifying your small businesses sparkle that takes you from best kept secret to in demand.

I am Lisa, a Small Business Champion and Marketeer, passionate with taking your amazing small business from best kept secret to shout from the rooftops, by identifying the sparkle that makes you distinctly special to get you seen and heard.

To deliver practical marketing actions based on over 25 years’ major brand experience and running my own successful small business, to enable you to be seen and heard above the noise, so you confidently stand out from the crowd and grow your business using organic marketing.

I work with small business owners because you love what you do, have a great customer offer and are committed to fantastic customer service. My job is to show you how to enhance your marketing and give you the strategies you are comfortable with, to increase your visibility so you can make the difference you want to and build the business you look forward to every day.
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Phone: 07514 418598

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