A big thank you from the Bournville Village Festival organisers

The Bournville Village Council would like to thank everyone, especially all of our volunteers, who helped make this year's Bournville Village Festival so enjoyable. It was a wonderful day, rewarded with large crowds basking in the good weather.

Many visitors considered the Maypole dancing, by all of the children, to be the highlight of the day. A special thank you to Sue and Olivia Walsh, the maypole teachers, for all of the months of hard work needed to make such a marvellous spectacle so successful on the day.

We look forward to seeing you all again at the 2018 Bournville Village Festival.

Images from the 2017 Bournville Village Festival

Public meeting to discuss how Bournville lost its ‘dry’ tradition

Bournville Councillors have organised a public Bournville Ward Committee meeting to discuss, amongst other items, the news that Bournville has lost its 120 year old ‘dry’ tradition.

Wednesday 14th October at 7pm at the Dame Elizabeth Hall, at the back of Oak Tree Lane.

Many people in Bournville are still in shock over learning that Bournville no longer has its 120 year old tradition of being a dry village, with no pubs and no off licences as a result of the recent decision by Birmingham’s Licencing Committee to permit a newsagents on Mary Vale Road to acquire an alcohol licence and thus convert to an off licence.

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